Wednesday, February 12, 2003

On Love
a poetic conversation by Myrna and Michael

Myrna Perez-

When I was young
Love was a conversation heart
Sweet and pink
It spoke to me
And dissolved upon my tongue
Rendered my happiness for a moment

When I was not so young
Love was family
Enveloping, unconditional
A binding strength
That enveloped me
And gave me confidence to
Lift my face into the wind

And when I was old enough
I was told that love is
Passion, burning and consuming
A crazy elixar of madness
That transports the mundane
Into a hot sea of lust

Now I know
Love is filth, it is muck
A wallowing of ugliness
And suffering
Exposure of the twisted perversion
Of my mind
What is true, what is good
In this hollow shell

For there in lies its
Beauty and wonder
When He sees me truly
No pretense, no intricate facade
Nothing to give
Nothing to offer
And yet He takes my all

Michael Sherrillo-

Love is not about the beautiful,
love is beauty.
Love takes the ugly,
embraces the hideous,
and clings to the uncomely.

Through the eyes of love,
only true beauty is seen,
and we are loved not because of,
but in spite of.

Though our faults are many,
they are not hidden
but seen, shared,
and embraced
as part of that
which makes us whole
and human.
That is to love.

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