Saturday, February 08, 2003

a mild rant by Myrna Perez

I do not know if middle-management is the way I want to go with my life...anyways, this first poem is actually not typical of what I will be contributing here, but it is what is on my mind at the moment. It is my attempt to express and/or define my patriotism for my country, especially in response to some discussions I have had with members of a certain political party on this campus of mine.

Sweet ideals of youth
Are tarnished in
War and hypocrisy
Pain indents your once
smooth brow, tears blind site,
And a nation weeps for a forgotten dream.

Pride crippled by cynicism,
Humanity conquered by shame,
The spoils of your modern era.
Are you still there?
Will you survive for my future,
And my great-grandchildren's?
Was the image ever real, or
A trick played to fool a generation?

I don't see you in the flag,
or in my president's faces.
The anthem is sung to
Weary ears, as fase sentiment
And patriotism parade in place
Of true honor.

Yet you remain,
Despite the horror;
In my freedom to pray,
To learn, to read, to be.
Perhaps the suffering has made you
More than in your infancy.
A greater country than
The founders could forsee,

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