Wednesday, February 12, 2003

A Poetic Conversation on Being Alone
by Myrna Perez and Michael Sherrillo

by Myrna Perez

I am alone in my thoughts today
The shore is my companion
Birds my confidants
I seek this solitude
These incandescent moments of completion
That cannot be found amidst
Even the most joyous of

I glory in my solitude
In the complexities of my breath
The subtle inner workings of my brain
Rise and fall
Thus does my heart amidst the breeze
I have no greater desire than this
For the lover of my soul
Is the one who pushes the wind past
My upturned face

by Michael Sherrillo

I am incomplete.
I wander this world alone.
I speak of beauty,
but my words hollowly reflect off empty walls,
or echo in dark caves.
I hold hands with the wind,
nature is my companion,
life my only friend.

But in my passing the wind moves on.
Nature's seasons and cycles are unchanged,
and the life I had and held
will leave me with my last breath.
I will have been no closer,
and my days no happier,
for in death I will be just as alone,
as I was in life.

Life cannot be held.
Joy cannot be possessed.
Beauty cannot be kept.
But all things can be shared.
In sharing, we find the spark
igniting the flames of our heart and soul,
no longer still but with passion pounds,
because we know we are not alone.

Myrna Perez-

What is this dark void
An empty bleakness
It swirls through the
Channels of my mind
Pulling my thoughts inward
Until all is sameness:
The gray mutes my voice

If only the blackness would enclose me
The edge of night cutting my heart
Then I would feel alive
Instead of this nothing
This torture for my intellect

And then a glimpse
A ring of pure
And endless light
Cold and pure
Warm and merciful
I cannot breath, nor can
Any part of me respond
But my essence

Catching a hold
It dances with me
Beyond this loneliness
Into a oneness that is
Neither solitude nor
Togetherness, but just is;
And I am content

Michael Sherrillo-

I stumble,
no hand is there to catch me.
If I fall,
I must dust myself off
and move on.
I feel content with myself,
comfortable in my silent partnership.

But I cannot hold my hand.
I have no tenderness
for my shadow.
And on those cold nights,
Watching the stars laugh,
The only warmth I know,
Is the fire beside
and the blanket above.

How I long to stand,
on the precipice of life,
arms raised
the wind at my face
hearing the songs time
float on the breeze's backs
through the high valleys and passes.

I long to yell out at the world from it's top,
but all I will hear is my own voice bouncing back.
While I may have found peace with myself,
learned to find joy in solitude.
And ease in my silence.
While I may have gained the world itself,
what empty value will it possess,
If I have not love.

While the worlds may come and go,
the torch of passion and the flame of love,
shall never be quenched from the hearts of man.

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