Friday, May 02, 2003

"Attempted Rant"
by Myrna Perez

I have never engaged in the literary form known as "rant" on this website. I think I prefer the freedom, ease and relative ambiguity of poetry... so this will probably be shorter and less vehement than the more stellar examples on this website. Anyways, perhaps it is my naivete that so many in my life (especially males) have told me that I possess.. but I think that dating is really nothing to be upset over. I'm not directly this specifically at my esteemed colleague in life, Sherillo, but more to those my age in general. Why this endless search to find "the one" who is going to share the rest of our life with us? Why not glory and revel in one's singlehood, the mere fact and gift of existence? Is this not a time to cultivate passions, and aspects of ourselves that would be more difficult to pursue once we form that "couple'? I have always thought that if I am to someday have a meaningful life long relationship, that I need to spend less time looking for him, but instead focus on pursuit of being a worthy person once we have "found" one another. And what if I or any of the rest of us never do find that elusive "special someone"... will our time on this earth have been all in vain? I think not... especially if our pursuit has been in completion and not a completor. So what is my conclusion...? I know not, but that I am content and exultent in not having a romantic relationship, as much as I imagine I would be otherwise.

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