Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'Water, Water'

Unsatiated; squatting on a raft at sea,
squinted eyes searching the horizon
while the soft sound of the shifting sands
far below
echoes through the salt to surface.

Perforated thoughts torn and thrashing;
jerked from the dark cool depths;
lured by the frantic frenzy
of wriggling emotions; gorging on
the hook of desperation; choking
gasping grabbed by the filthy hands
of madness and stuffed bleeding-
down the raw toothed maw of insanity.

Staring at myself muddled by
lapping waves; gently rocking
the unseen stillborn beast
that I catch in the depths
looking up
trapped, all one can do is wait.

Siren's discord, sweet and slow,
unceasing, unyielding, unrelenting-
a slip...
bubbles rise; looking up,
a figure, on a raft, a fading
silhouette against the twilit