Sunday, December 05, 2010

Expression depression;
Writing empty blind words
like lonely thoughts and feelings.

Like waiting inside a car with
no gas and a broken heater
on the side of a busy highway.

Like a full bowl from your favorite
box of cereal on a Sunday morning
and an empty bottle of milk.

Like singing your heart out
to an empty room on a sinking
ship with no life-raft.

Like a log sitting in a fireplace
with no kindling and a
busted chimney flue.

Like a fresh blank canvas
sitting next to a bottle of wine,
and no brushes.

Like holding a much needed
cigarette outside a bar
with no matches.

Like a perfectly brewed pot
of premium roasted coffee
and an empty box of sugar.

Like a long walk on a
cold windy night to the store
while your wallet sits at home.

Like two candles burning over
a freshly made five-course dinner when
your partner calls working late.

Like a poem sitting on a
forgotten page, waiting words,
unseen. Unsung. Unknown.

Like a person;
like a poem-
like me.