Monday, April 28, 2003

"Being at Neither Extreme"
A haiku by Vance "one-trick-pony" Tran

These fears of dying.
They prevent me from living.
When will I learn this?

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Hello, anon@130.191
An informative post by Vance Tran

Details about our spiteful little friend in the UEF MessageBoard:

  • anon@130.191 uses Cox Cable Broadband internet services
  • anon@130.191 lives in San Diego

Friday, April 25, 2003

"Where Have You Bean?"
a poem by Liquid Sleep

oh where have you been
my perfect bean
never burnt
nor stale
nor rancid

you are full in body
rich in flavor
with just the right touch of bitter
always ground fresh
from whole beans

two tablespoon per eigth oz. of water
which of course must be filtered
you kiss the cream
and meld in perfect harmony

"Ode to Acetaminophen" or... "Take My Pain Away"
a haiku made with "love"

A pounding headache.
Oh the bright lights and the din.
Take the pain away.
Rant of the Profoundly Bored
Title says it all. I'm bored and have decided to lament about things I can't control.

I hate how you are required to make small talk even when someone is profoundly uninteresting. When I say "Why yes Mr. Whiskers is very photogenic... Oh course I would like to see more pictures," what I really want to say is "I am disturbed by the fact that you and your cat have matching outfits. And no I do not believe that you can legally wed a pet. Please step outside my personal bubble." Perhaps it is my own fault for being so conditioned by society, that I cannot make myself be rude. If you have every read Walden Two there is this great little bit about the ablilty to do just that.

It would be nice have my own commune, free from the downward spiral created by the closed-minded, old guards that "protect" us from harm. "Say it with me... Socialism!"

Hmmm... apparently there many small islands for sale, in relatively affordable price ranges. Perhaps I should start a donation page, I mean it works for this girl that's in credit card debt and my goal is not to solve a problem due to my own reckless spending.

Credit card companies are partially to blame. They do give you these great rates for the first 6 months or what not. They're also targetting a population that is not used to getting a line of credit. I guess the average American is unaware of compund interest, the power of math has tricked us once again!
"Work" or "Exploitation of Labor"
Damn! The canary is dead...

scourge of existence
nine to five in the coal mines
all to pay the bills

Thursday, April 24, 2003

It's Official, We've been Google'd
An informative post by Vance Tran

A google search for United Elbows of Fury

A google search for Vance Tran

A google search for Mike Sherrillo

A google search for Myrna Perez

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

A Haiku Regarding Haikus
a haiku inspected by Controller 17

How I love haikus.*
Seventeen words of fun.
Won't you write one too?

* The original verison of this haiku included a line of hex, which was later deemed too confusing. annie!
It's Great to Be Here. Part 1
a response to Mr. Vance Tran's rehashed informative post

I am both honored and humbled by this invitation to join the ranks of UEF. Though I am resentful of being associated with middle-management; not to mention the obvious contradiction this poses to the use of "Comrade" but then life is full of contradictions isn't it? Such as "Art for the Masses" or "Benign Intervention."

Forgive me, I have digressed. In addition to humor and melancholy found here, I hope to bring a dash of satire and a pinch of what it means to be annie!


Sunday, April 20, 2003

"Welcome, Comrad. part 2"
a rehashed informative post by Vance Tran

I'd like to welcome a new member, Annie, to our United Elbows of Fury family. She's has know-how, stick-to-it-tiveness, is a go-getter, and an array of other made-up middle-management words, fraught with hyphens. Here's to more thought-provoking, sincere, and often humorous posts that we've come to expect from the "Elbows."

Go forth and post.

Monday, April 14, 2003

a poem by Michael Sherrillo

How is it, we precious few
Wander on this weary world.
We once though found,
But now know we're lost.
As our own slaves, we labor,
While the world around us fades.

The worlds turning, slowing down.
And ever longer the night does stay.
Tiered heads low stare at the ground,
While uninspired feet grind away.
As we dragging, are weighed down
Shackled all by invisible chains

Monday, April 07, 2003

a haiku by Vance Tran

Misery through want.
None a truer fact than this.
Wanting misery.
"A Shameless Quote" or "Inspiration"
by Myrna Perez

"We were meant to live for so much more,
Have we lost ourselves?"

Screaming, do you hear me...
My voice stretched out across the void,
Pulled high across the vortex of misperception.
Why is this dissipation embraced;
why do you make love
To your despair? Plunged into the flesh of
You, dark and evil. Light is shunned;
Lungs filled with blackness and drown.

I would tear the heart from me,
Offer it to you, live and beating. That
You would see, would understand.
I cannot, it is not mine to do.
I wail, this small soul anguishes alongside you.
There is more than this, there is infinite.
You have wallowed so deep in muck
That sight and breath are impossible.
Come out.

Sunday, April 06, 2003

"Shoe Haiku"... or "Uninspired Confessions of the Sole"
by Vance Tran and Annie

Lone shoe on the floor,
Oh where are the feet to fill?
Sad is the left shoe.