Thursday, May 01, 2003

Early Morning Rant
by Cookie Lover 480238289839

Apparently I am supposed to post on a some what regular basis, "vote early, vote often."

Have you ever wondered how many people died trying to see what was edible? I mean back in the day no one knew what was safe to eat, someone had to try and taste it. Especially since there were most likely more plants and berries then there is now. All plants pretty much look the same to me.

If you think about it eatting is kind of gross. I mean you take bits of plant and animal tissue, sometimes break it down chemically by heat. Then you grind it with your own body fluids, and force it down your throat into a vat of stomach acid. Then is meanders thru your body only to produce... well shit.

Hmmm... makes me think that the whole Matrix thing might actually be a good idea, I guess as long as you don't know it won't hurt you. Though I am pretty sure transfer of human heat into any large amount of usable energy is not possible. Science has once again ruined our fun.

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