Monday, October 21, 2002

"Flight or Folly"
a poem, by Michael Sherrillo

So fast, while never seeming fast enough.
So quick, but feeling so slow.
My heart can't decide, it races and stop,
At the very sight of you.

Like a bird, trying to take off on a lake;
Wings beating as we quickly gain speed.
The spark I see in your eyes, has jump into my life,
And igniting, set my spirit aflame.

Faster and faster, we speed down our course,
Will we crash, or will our hearts join and soar free?
You make me smile, and laugh like a child,
With you, I feel I can be me.

With a destiney unknown, and a fate which awaits,
We purposefully spread open our wings.
Since you've entered my life, all these new feelings have arrived,
As you've opend your heart to me.

Without any final care, we lift into the air,
As love sets our souls free.

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