Friday, September 26, 2003

a poem by Myrna Perez

For the first time I yearn,
Now is when I long.
Liquid palate of tactile
pleasure pain. Ah, admittance
to this genre of life.
Visions dance, like golden sleep
drops; through. Where did
loftiness flee to?

Friday, September 05, 2003

Holy Zombie BaJesus
a sleep deprived rant by annie!

Urg it's 7:29 am, stayed up to do a stats analysis project. Just finished it by now I have to wait around for the department to open so I can turn it in. Man i've been up for quiet a while with very little sleep. In theory if I hadn't started a 10 -15 page research project at 1am I could have gotten some sleep. But that would or required me to start something early. Eh.

No one else is posting. Why is that? What's up with that guys?!?!?!

Hmmm... should I really be driving in my current state? Oh welll it can't be worst than driving drunk.

Why am I still writing? Should I stop? Why am I typing this out? Damn it stop...

Monday, September 01, 2003

a recounting of events by annie!

Well today (Labor Day) I decided to go get groceries after droppping a friend off. I went to the local Albertson's around 10:30pm, only to discover them closed. What was interesting is that 5 seperate people converged to the enterance at once, confused by the door not opening... we decended to the alternate enterance, to no avail. We started conversing amoung ourselves, a gentleman expressed that he really needed school supplies for his daughter, which I had in my trunk (crayons and filler paper).

As a side note, everyone should try these Quaker Crisp-Ums... so good.

*It was pointed out to me that I was not clear that I did indeed give the man the school supplies. Didn't even ask for money, though he obviously could afford it and now that i think about it I could have made some $$$. What kind of guy would wait until the night before his daugther starts school to get paper?