Monday, September 01, 2003

a recounting of events by annie!

Well today (Labor Day) I decided to go get groceries after droppping a friend off. I went to the local Albertson's around 10:30pm, only to discover them closed. What was interesting is that 5 seperate people converged to the enterance at once, confused by the door not opening... we decended to the alternate enterance, to no avail. We started conversing amoung ourselves, a gentleman expressed that he really needed school supplies for his daughter, which I had in my trunk (crayons and filler paper).

As a side note, everyone should try these Quaker Crisp-Ums... so good.

*It was pointed out to me that I was not clear that I did indeed give the man the school supplies. Didn't even ask for money, though he obviously could afford it and now that i think about it I could have made some $$$. What kind of guy would wait until the night before his daugther starts school to get paper?

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