Wednesday, August 20, 2003

a rant by annie!

Hmmm... it's been quiet awhile since I have posted. And as I have a book report due (or rather a critique of a book, if you want to feel like you've moved past the 3rd grade) there's no better time then now to start a rant.

On Finances
I've become wholy (or is it holy? that doesn't look right) depressed as I've come to realize that I cannot afford to live in a decent neighborhood in San Diego County after I "graduate". Houses are so freaking expensive and rent is just an overinflated bottomless pit. The best I can afford is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom condo, if I have a roomate; in Arizona I can basically sell my car and get a house! I think the only solution is to start a "San Diego For San Diegians!" Campaign, I implore all true San Diegian to heckle those who have been here for 4 years or less, until they all leave.

On Love
I've also decided that people are not meant to be with just one person. Mathmatically it is highly improbable that millions of people have find that one true person your suppose to be with; therefore it must mean that there are at least several people in the world you are meant to be with and it's just a matter of who you find first. Or maybe i'm just too damn cynical for my age.

On footnotes
I think footnotes are one of the greatest inventions ever. I mean you can rant on and on, in an exceptable manner in a "scholary" paper. With footnotes you can have 20% content and 80% rant. What other way is there to go?

On Apples
I've been vaguely tempted to get a new G5 or a powerbook. They are quiet slick are they not. Also this msblaster worm has erode my faith in Microsoft's bloatware to the point where I might be willing to shell out the dough. What they need is to port the OS to x86.

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