Sunday, October 20, 2002

a poem, by Michael Sherrillo

You say a million sweet and cute things.
You mean them with all of your heart.
But I never seem to do the same for you,
I never can find the right way to start.

How can I find words to describe,
All the amazing parts of you I see?
It's like trying to tell a man born blind,
Of beauty as the sun sets into the sea.

The warmth of your soul,
The soft touch of your laugh,
Or the way your presence
Sweeps me off of my feet?
I cannot imagine any possible words,
Expressing what it is in you I see.

Maybe because, in my heart I'm afraid
These feelings might not be returned or recieved.
Or maybe the thought, of scaring you off
Is what now locks my lips so complete.

But I feel a connection, clear and strong
Something special between you and me.
I only hope that we can enjoy it together
And between us, discover the beauty we seek.

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