Friday, July 17, 2015

She Said...

She said
     You seem lonely
and with those three little words
in a bar where smoke hung in the air like a lazy cat
batting at the muted din of drunken too loud laughing
smiles and cheap beer that infused everything like a
faded stain that had long ago effaced the ancient old
worn wood;

where the past and memories and lives and an
endless procession of nights reaching backward
through time had spilled and ingrained themselves
into the very pulp and marrow till all that existed
were ghosts taking up the familiar patterns that
those well-worn floors laid out like dance steps
to a forgotten song forever followed into eternity;

my reflection in those cigarette stung eyes red with pity
caused the gallowed floor at the bottom of my stomach to
drop open and instead of the quick snapping sound of my
heart’s neck breaking the slipshod noose tightened in a
suffocatingly slow squeeze causing my chest to constrict
and ribs to groan and strain under the heavy suspended
weight kicking then penduluming inside them until
eventually all was still;

only the jukebox was new,
and even it played the same old songs.

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