Tuesday, April 30, 2002

"A Spring Breeze"
a letter of love, by Michael Sherrillo

I hear your voice in the wind. As
I walk, I imagine I see you, and for
a moment, before my mind reminds
me that this is a wonderful illusion,
my heart races, as your name fires
through my mind and catches on
my lips like a bullet fired from it's barrel.

You, like true loves ghost, hover so
taintalizingly close. I reach out my arm,
hoping to touch merely the hem of your
skirt, so that for one brillant moment I
find that for which I have searched for in
day and dream... love.

I cannot pretend that I deserve even a
glance, for the beauty i see therin is
more than my mortal heart could stand.
All I long for is to love you, for asking for
such an awsome thing as to be loved
in return I may not deserve.

I never expected, never let myself hope,
that in my reach, my humble desire, you
would fall into my arms, as a piece of me
died, so that it could always remian in the
total happiness of that first embrace.

I still remember the days, seemingly so
far away, in which I would float, just watching
you soaring off the ground into the sky, both
powerful and graceful, a hawk that would float
in the air, suspended in time, and then, softly,
come down. I used to lose myself in you then
as compleatly as I lose myself now in your
every word, your touch, your glance. But,
somehow, by losing myself I have also found
something which is far greater, something
which I hope to someday call Love.

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