Thursday, February 18, 2010

 2 bad poems in an hour... yeah, class was that boring...


Nicotine heroine withdrawals
with caffeine headaches 
and grass induced
while on an LSD flashback
from peaking on shrooms.

Empty, cracks of desire 
racing in canyons of fire and ice
and sparks, across dehydrated skin.

Eye twitching finger
spasms head shakes shakes
shake angry electric ants 
dancing with daggers down 
every nerve.

Sweat and urine sick
soaked sheets in locked
boxed beaten broken bound
burning burning, oh
the burning pain
of minutes and
hours and
days and
nights and miles
and miles and miles
unchanging, an eternal
     than being
without you.

( I need a little)

I feel the distance
building between us
a change,
in the wind and the clouds,

Unseen but felt,
we don't know, 
when or how,
till its strikes 
out and flashes,
a bolt.

Igniting, it sizzles,
exploding, my world fills
with an arch of brilliant light

hide from the pressure
it builds
hide from the friction
and yield
as the sky tears us apart 
each nigh.

Took me for a ride, lied,
wounded all my pride,
without knowing or having a clue.
Now bleeding and broken
my heart is spoken for
by someone, I can't hold onto.

the pain and the distance,
love flows with resistance
now tell me what am I
to do?

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