Thursday, December 27, 2012

Toast and Tree Story: Holiday Edition

My Toast

When I say 'Merry Kristmas'
let's raise a glass 
and give a cheer,
for the loved ones 
who are with us
and those that aren't
that we hold dear;
thank you Deb and Steve, 
Don and Patti,
for the gift of life. 
Now merry Kristmas 
to all, and to all, 
a good night!

Tree Tradition!

Twas four days before Kristmas,
When all through our place,
Not a creature was stirring,
Except Perry in his cage;
Our socks had been flung
Recklessly on the floor
While Cat slept in bed
And next to her I snored.

When out in the living room
There arose such a smell,
We were startled awake
By the waft of pine and tinsel!
We ran out the room,
We slid down the hall,
And before us was a tree
Nearly seven feet tall!

Black Santa had come!
Our Kristmas was saved!
And though he was gone,
Towards the window we still waved.
For each year together,
(this time makes two; score!)
We would wake-up to find
A Kristmas tree on our floor!

I feel bad for Santa,
Because somehow each year
Without cookies or milk
He still brings us cheer;
And no goodies out for Santa
Really feels like a cheat,
Since each time this happens
Cat gives me a morning "treat."

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