Tuesday, July 30, 2002

a rant, by Michael Sherrillo

Men in this decade are very confused, espically the younger crowds. We have been brought into this world with the seperate camps of feminity and masculinity having been razed and in ruins. And yet, the stereotypes which they created still exist in the our minds. We are expected to think of women as our complete equals, while still opening doors and pulling out chairs; as equal breadwinners, while still often paying for dates. Can you really blame men for this? No, simply because men, as a group, will do anything it takes to be with women. What they want will always, eventually, happen. I have never heard about a guy excited to drop money for two people on his first date, he spends that amount becasue he knows that is the only way this girl he likes will go out with him. This is reality. So this rant is directed at the femal gender, for it is really you who is to blame. In a society where you wish to be considered equals, how can you expect you private relations/relationships, to exist simultaneously when you ask us to treat you differently in each.

I may be a man, but I have feelings, something that the opposite sex seems to forget. Becasue I may be a male, does that mean I also don't want to feel attractive, even sexy? That I don't like being asked out, pursured, told how much I'm liked? Do I enjoy being called or getting sweet messages and being told I'm loved any less? NO! But because I am realistic, I know that I will never find a girl if I don't ignore how I feel, what my wants and needs are, and spend the rest of my life making her feel special so she will want to be with me. But just a though to all you "old fashioned" girls out there, I may be a male, but that doesn't mean my purpose on earth is to court you. Maybe it wouldn't hurt if the girl called me once in a while, instead of alwasy wanting to be chased after, maybe a little of the affection I feel and show for you could be returned. One time, in my life, a girl I knew gave me flowers. It was the only time something like that has ever happend. It was so wonderful to recieve for once that I cried, and will never forget her or her kind and loving act. Everyone wants to feel loved, liked, and attractive, guy or girl. We men having been doing more than our fare share for some time now, maybe it's time you girls tried a little too, even if it's just asking for our number or giving us a call.

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