Sunday, January 05, 2003

The Power of the Soul
a poem, by Michael Sherrillo

Throw your blows; throw your words,
Throw sticks and curses,
Throw rocks, throw lies.
Beat at my flesh with your fist,
Cut me with your voice.
Rip my skin and flail my dignity.
Take all I own, steal all which I hold dear,
Come at me day or night,
Quench the flames of life
That burn in my mortal eyes.
Shackle my body,
Leave it on the highest mountain,
Sink it in the deepest sea.
But I will not be stopped,
Still my soul will fight.
You may be able to cease my heart from beating,
Still my gasps and forever close my eyes.
But the passion my dead heart carried,
The truths which my now covered eyes saw,
And the powers that these hold...
You can never touch,
And no one can ever destroy.

I will live on.

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