Thursday, January 16, 2003

"First Glance"
A poem, by Michael Sherrillo

Our eyes locked briefly across the crowded room.
In that moment we both felt loves first blooms.
Before a blink could end the glance,
Our fates were no longer left up to chance.
We circled each other while talking to friends
And though laughing and joking our gaze rarely left.
And finally though contrived circumstance,
We were finally close enough to shake hands.
In charming words and flirty grins,
At what we felt was only hinted.
Though matter what you said or did,
I knew I had to see you again.
Something connected before we ever knew,
Something amazing, wonderful, startling, and new.
Of the future I have barley a glance,
But I won't leave seeing you up to chance.
For no matter the twists and bends ahead,
Having you by my side is my only plan.

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