Wednesday, February 05, 2003

by Michael Sherrillo

Life is like a bed of flowers...
On some days, you’re a rose.
On others, your the fertilizer.

Today I was a rose.
Today I thought that if I could be any happier, wings would burst from my shoulder blades and I would fly.
Today the world exploded into Dolby Digital 5.1 fully orchestrated stereo surround sound.
Today, had one more drop of joy leaked out, everyone around me would have joined hands and bust into professionally choreographed song and dance.
Today I skipped, I whistled... I danced down steps and ran up stairs 2 at a time!
Today "YiPEEE!" was on every breath, "Weee!" in every though, and a roaring "Ya-HOOOOO!" crouched on my tongue waiting to pounce on the world.
Today I wanted to declare from the mountains, yell from the rooftops, and proclaim from the bell towers.
Today water tasted like wine, the air was like Champaign, and the sun was like Brandy.
Today was absolutely spectacularly wonderfully no different from any other.
But last night...

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